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Red nomad 5 years ago I made a choice to change how I was going to live my life.I wanted to make a complete...

Future Doctor Transitioning to Van Life

Hello! My name is Odell Miller. I am a 25 year old Doctor of Physical Therapy student. I played D1 football and had the...

Not good at normal life?

Hello,We're Kalee and Senadin,An international couple from USA & Bosnia and Herzegovina. We've got quite the unique story, Senadin was a photographer on a...

Two drifters off to see the world

Hello everyone, we are Dan and Kenz! We are full-time travelers currently working, living, and exploring the world out of our van with our...

Van Life – A Chance To Listen To My Own Voice

Heya, my name is Serenity I'm an avid traveler who absolutely adores this planet, exploring it and caring for it After going through a...

Wildland Firefighter to Buslife Chef

My name is Andy, and I am a writer and cook with an insatiable love for exploration. I first developed a taste for this...

Hair in a van!

My name is Ryan Rich and some know me as The Lonely Barber:) I’m a Los Angeles lifelong local. This pandemic changed a lot...

Too Old for Vanlife ?!

Some people may look at us and think, “Surely they’re too old for Vanlife?”Who knows? Maybe we are? But we have never really felt the need to do as we are told, or to be predictable. And after all…don’t old people have a second childhood?Our journey into Vanlife started after several momentous occasions that made...

Unchained Skid

Introduction I’m a 30-years veteran of military aviation.  Presently I am in semi-retirement working during the summer doing aerial forest fire fighting.I am divorced with...

Don’t let anything stop you from chasing your dreams

We are Jor & Sandra and in 2020 we bought this hippie van and traveled through Europe with it. We are two weirdos. Our...