Van Life Laundry: How to Wash Clothes in a Camper Van


For many van lifers out there, living off-grid is one of the main appeals of the lifestyle. But this also means that for the freedom to roam, we end up trading many of the mod-cons of a house; freezers, hot showers, and of course access to a washer/dryer.

When it comes to washing clothes in a van, the first thing that probably springs to mind is a laundromat- these places become a hub for travelers, offering washing and drying facilities at reasonable prices and the chance to grab a cup of coffee and use the WiFi. But what if you’re miles out in nature, boondocking, or simply don’t want to rack up huge bills paying for self-service laundry every week?

Fortunately, there are plenty of options which we’ve compiled here, along with our top recommended products.

4 Ways to Wash Clothes in a Camper Van


Hand-washing is the cheapest and simplest way to do laundry in a van. As long as you’ve got a good supply of water and a spare hour you can wash all of your clothes easily in a sink or bucket. For extra scrubbing power, consider purchasing a washboard like this one made of sustainable bamboo on Amazon, and some biodegradable detergent like this Ethique eco-friendly laundry bar.

Hand-washing clothes in the great outdoors —  via From Rust To Roadtrip

Bag washing

If the idea of scrubbing your garments by hand seems tedious, why not try doing your laundry in a bag? The Scrubba portable wash bag (on Amazon) folds up to fit in the palm of your hand, and to wash clothes you simply throw them in, fill with water and detergent, deflate and rub for a few minutes (or throw around for added fun). No more sore, dry hands!

Portable washers

For that little extra convenience, a portable washer is a great addition to a van if you have the space to store one. You can buy one that works manually by turning a handle to agitate the clothes like The Laundry Alternative WonderWash portable washing machine (on Amazon)- bonus points, it’s cute and retro-looking too!

Mini electric washing machine

Alternatively, you could go all-out on an electric portable campervan washing machine like the Giantex portable mini twin tub washing machine (on Amazon). It works just like a miniature version of a regular washing machine; fill with water and detergent and set it on a cycle. The only downside is this machine plugs into an AC outlet, making it better for use at a campsite, although it only runs at 300W so it could be used on an inverter/battery setup with enough capacity.

So there we have it; four easy ways to wash clothes in a camper van and get on top of that dirty laundry pile.

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