The Story of Vesper


In June 2022, Taylor was living in New Hampshire & had just completed his Promaster 3500 van build conversion. It took him a total of ten months to build the van while working his full-time job. He planned to drive the newly finished van out to Montana, where he grew up.

As the date of his departure date grew close, Taylor asked his friends in New Hampshire if any of them would like to tag along for the journey to Montana. After a resounding “no” from most of his buddies, he asked his friend whom he met hiking if she wanted to go, of course, Britt said, “Absolutely”.


The next day, we decided to hike out to a remote New Hampshire cabin where the purple lupines bloom every summer. The cabin is part of preservation land, so you can explore the inside of the cabin and sit down, but sadly, you can’t stay the night.

Upon entering the cabin, we saw the wood-carved poem, it was massive and dated-looking. The sign swung in motion as we opened the cabin door. Taylor and I decided to read each line, back and forth, out loud. Upon making it to the second to last line, we hit the part that states, “How pure, at Vesper-time, the far bells chiming! God give me hills to climb and strength for climbing.

We both looked at each other and said, “What the hell is Vesper-time?”


That night, we both went to our respective beds and were left wondering what “Vesper” meant. I decided to search online to see what I could find.

Vesper: nightfall, evening star.

I quickly texted Taylor to let him know that I figured out what Vesper meant. He texted me back promptly and said to me, “I googled it too, we are on the same wavelength”, which means, “evening star, or nightfall”.

That was the first time we uttered the word, “Vesper”, and the name stuck with the van. The rest is history and we’ve been doing van life in Vesper the Promaster 3500, ever since that day.


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