Future Doctor Transitioning to Van Life


Hello! My name is Odell Miller. I am a 25 year old Doctor of Physical Therapy student. I played D1 football and had the opportunity to go to two NFL teams. Shortly after I started school to pursue my Doctorate of Physical Therapy. 


I am an entrepreneur and have two businesses and plan to open many clinics in the future. I plan to work with everyday people as well as high-level professional athletes. After school, I want to quickly gain experience in my field of practice before starting my own clinics by doing travel therapy. 


How I plan to make money on the road 

On top of doing travel therapy, I own a business called Off The Bench app. On my app, I do online one on one workouts and nutrition coaching. Clients pay a monthly fee to work with me and my goal revenue before graduation is a minimum of $7-10,000 recurring revenue. I also own an entertainment company that provides DJs and videographers for weddings. 


Why Van life?

Travel therapy alongside escaping the paying $15,000 of rent every year has led me to choose van life. My goal is to increase my monthly income while minimizing my expenses and this is a perfect way to do so. I was tired of paying so much money for an apartment when I was only there for a few hours a day to sleep and eat.

I also love the idea that when I’m done with van life I will be able to keep my van and travel as much as I would like without having to pay for hotels. 


My Van

I bought in cash a 2019 Ford Transit Extended High roof van. I am 6’

You can find me on…

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