Do you need a vent fan in a camper van?


When converting a camper van you’ll no doubt be asking yourself a million and one questions, and if do I need a roof vent fan in my van conversion? is one of those, then you’ve landed on the right page.

In this article, we’ll discuss the top 5 reasons you should install a roof vent in your van, and a couple of extra considerations too.

Not sure which roof vent fan to buy? Check out our handy guide to the best roof vent fans for your van conversion.


Reason #1: Condensation

Condensation is the bane of any van dweller’s life. It gathers on the windows and any other cold surface, creating damp in the air, mold in your fabrics and rust in your van’s body. We hate it. And the number one thing that does away with condensation? You guessed it- is airflow. With proper ventilation to exhale moisture from cooking, breathing and external temperature changes you can say goodbye to condensation and hello to damp-free living.

Nobody likes waking up to condensation.

Reason #2: Temperature

When the temperature plummets outside you can either put the heating on or zip up an extra jacket, but what about when the mercury begins to soar? As heat rises, having a vent fan in the roof allows it to escape, keeping your living space fresh and cool.

Reason #3: Airflow

Airflow is essential in a van for so many reasons other than just freshening up stuffy, stale air. It removes pollutants like fungus and dust mites, alleviates odor and ultimately keeps your living space clean and healthy. Not to mention helping you get a good night’s sleep. By installing a roof vent fan and a low air vent you create a constant flow of air that you can’t get from simply rolling down a window.

Reason #4: Ventilation

This is an important one for anybody with a wood stove or gas burner in their van; a roof vent can exhale potentially deadly fumes and gases like carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide, which are caused by burning oxygen in the air.

Ventilation is key if your van has a wood burner or stove. Photo by KoolShooters from Pexels

Reason #5: Security

The final reason you should install a roof vent fan in your camper van is security. Rather than cracking open a window or door at night which could potentially compromise your safety, a roof vent allows fresh air to continuously flow in, and is also a stealthier option if you’re trying to lay low.

Now you know the five main reasons to install a roof vent fan in your van, check out our guide to the best roof vent fans for your van conversion for help deciding which one to buy.

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