15 best campervan gadgets & motorhome acccessories (worth their space)


Looking for the best motorhome and campervan gadgets? Not the essential gear, but things which just make van life that little bit easier. Whether you live in your van, or just use it for weekend breaks, add these motorhome or campervan gadgets to your wishlist.

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Motorhome and Campervan Gadgets worth their space in your van

We all know there are certain items every van should have (if you don’t, check out this list of the essential motorhome accessories you NEED to carry)

But what about the things which aren’t ESSENTIAL, but which make van living easier or more fun? Which campervan gadgets are worth the money and the space they take up, and which… aren’t?

After 4 years of of touring Europe in our motorhome, there are plenty of things we carry onboard which we love. Heck, just trying to narrow the list down to 5 was impossible! So we sort of compromised and agreed on 7.

So, whether you want gadgets for wild camping with your motorhome, power management, space saving or fun campervan accessories, here are the things we recommend.

Gadgets for campervans or motorhomes

I know there’s sometimes differences between motorhome living and life in a campervan, especially if you don’t have a bathroom in your van. However, there’s also quite a lot of crossover between the two in terms of which gadgets work best for space saving or security, so we’re covering both the best motorhome gadgets and the best campervan gadgets in one post.

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Best campervan gadgets for van living

Here are the things we carry in our motorhome which really do make life on the road a little easier

12v hoover

I LOVE this hoover. If it ever breaks, I’ll be heartbroken. We’ve tried many 12v hoovers, both in our van and on our boats, and this is the best we’ve ever used, especially with a dog.

Window Vaccuum

This is one of the best motorhome gadgets we’ve ever bought? Can you spend time in a van without it? Of course- but why would you want to when it’s so FUN to use!?!

Gas Kettle

A gas kettle is an essential, and I love this one. It’s a decent size, but also has lasted us years without any issues. Definitely worth the money.

Magnetic Knife Strip

If you have a spare wall near the kitchen in your campervan, here’s a great way to use it!

Magnetic Glasses – cool motorhome accessories!

These magnetic glasses are also one of my favourite motorhome accessories as they save so much space (plus they look cool!)

Best motorhome accessories for power management

Power is one of the most important resources in any van, and these are the best campervan gadgets to help you recharge and make best use of it.


Make sure your powerpack is capable of being recharged by 12v and can charge a laptop if you have one- this one is good.

Decent sized leisure battery & solar panel

You DON’T necessarily need a second battery in your camper if you want to go wild camping or stay off-grid, but it’s important to make sure the one you do have is a good one… and that you look after it properly.

READ MORE: Complete guide to choosing and maintaining your motorhome leisure battery

Make sure you get a battery designed for leisure use, and get as big a size as you can- ours is 110a

Solar Panel

Another thing to add along with the leisure battery is a solar panel. If you have a good solar panel, one battery should be fine (just be careful if it’s raining/ very cloudy as things might not charge so quickly. This is especially true if you’re wild camping with a motorhome in Scotland– it rains a lot up there!!

You can buy a solar panel cheaply from Amazon and fit it yourself, like this one. Make sure you add in a regulator and don’t just wire it straight to the battery. If you’re unsure, I recommend paying for someone to fit it for you so you know it’s set up correctly.

Fresh water and empty waste tanks

We used to buy bottled water for drinking (after almost poisoning ourselves one year!) but now we use one of these incredible Jerrycans instead to filter our water and ensure it’s safe before we drink it. Worth every penny. They also make fantastic outdoor showers- the perfect campervan accessory!

Best motorhome gadgets for space saving

Finding extra space in your motorhome or camper is one of the biggest tricks of life in a van. Here are some of our favourite gadgets and accessories to improve campervan storage.

Collapsible pans

These are AWESOME campervan gadgets for saving space. They stack really well when collapsed down and allow you to use much smaller lockers

Folding colander

You can also get collapsible/ folding colanders

Storage cubes/ clothes organising

We use these packing cubes to organise things like underwear and socks in the lockers.

Shoe storage

We have now turned a locker into a shoe locker, but before that we used one of these to store shoes. They were especially useful if you were motorhoming in winter and had to deal with wet/ snowy/ muddy shoes. The box is also a trolley and VERY useful while touring.

We have lots of great motorhome storage tips to help you, including these:

Useful campervan gadgets

As I mentioned right at the start of this post, there are some things you’ll only really use in a campervan, especially one without a bathroom. Here are some of the most useful gadgets just for campervans.

Campervan Toilet

Here’s a great portable toilet for your camper.

Camper shower/ toilet tent

If you want some privacy, having a collapsible toilet or shower tent you can set up outside your van is so useful.

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