7 Audiobooks For Long Journeys With Children


Our very own, Lindsey Berresford CEO/co-founder has travelled far and wide in her very own campervan with her 3 children (5, 5, and 7) and knows that sometimes a game of eye spy is just not going to cut it, especially for long journeys. Below are some audiobooks for children, reviewed and loved by her little ones.

Our children are not good travellers. We have generally spent more time at service stations than on the road. They get bored, they get car sick and they get whiney. But…desperate parents rejoice; we have found a solution! Audio books can keep our children quiet and happy for HOURS. Especially on long journeys, they will happily sit in silence, listening intently, only interrupting with an occasional request for water or snacks. Pure parental bliss!

But finding good audiobooks for younger children takes work. Particularly if you are looking to challenge gender stereotypes and include a diverse set of characters. So that’s why we’ve done the hard work for you. Here are some of our favourite audiobooks for children that we listen to on long journeys with our kids!

Children entertained in a campervan reading books and listening to audiobooks

The Wild Robot

This action-packed tale stars an isolated and lonely robot who overcomes many challenges to find their purpose. Expect a down to earth and futuristic account of a robots journey of self discovery.

Hear from the experts

‘It was just interesting. I wanted to listen to it at every opportunity’ – Isaac, 7.

Author Peter Brown | Narrator Kate Atwater |

Age recommendations: 5-9

The Boy at the Back of the Class

Touching on an extremely important topic in a heart warming and humorous way, this podcast sheds light on a child’s perspective of the refugee crisis. This moving tale highlights the importance of friendship and kindness in the very best way.

Hear from the experts

“It’s really hard to say why you like it, I just love it. I also want their plan to work.” – Autumn, 5

Author Onjali Q. Raúf | Narrator Jennifer Jill Araya |

Age recommendations: 7-11

Hetty Feather

Transporting you back to the nineteenth century, this inspirational story is an original take on a historical novel. Abandoned as a tiny baby by her mother, Hetty goes on an extraordinary journey to find her later in life. From countryside frolics to a travelling circus, this heart warming tale is sure to leave a smile on your children’s face.

“Isa, the lady in the kitchen is so kind.” – Skylar, 5.

Author Jacqueline Wilson | Narrator Jacqueline Wilson |

Age recommendations: 7-11

The Bolds

Ever wondered what would happen if a group of hyenas disguising as humans opened their doors to a bunch of stray animals into their suburban home? Wonder no more! This quirky fable focuses on The Bolds, a family of hyenas living as humans in England who get a bit more than they bargained for when welcoming in lots of animals, including two racehorses on the run.

“They used to live in Africa but came to England, If you want to know why, I’m not going to tell you because it’s a surprise. Younger children may find it a bit boring. ” – Isaac, 7.

Author Julian Clary | Narrator Julian Clary |

Age recommendations: 5-9


We all know Matilda right? A story that will forever remain in our hearts told like you’ve never heard it before. Arguably the world’s most famous child in fiction takes on ghastly parents and nasty headteacher with her magical mind.

“I think all Roald Dahl books are good. She’s very clever, let’s see…basically a genius…maybe we would call her brilliant.” – Isaac, 7.

Author Roald Dahl | Narrator Kate Winslet |

Age recommendations: 5-9

The Restless Girls

“A dazzling feminist reinterpretation of a classic fairy tale” is really the best way to describe this wonderful story. Following their mothers tragic death, 12 princesses are trapped in and stripped of all the things they love due to their paranoid and over cautious father. The eldest princess Frida refuses to bend without a fight as one thing her father cannot take from her is her power and strength.

“It’s kind of hard to explain what’s so good about it. It’s such a good one. I would recommend it.” – Isaac, 7.

Author Jessie Burton | Thandiwe Newton |

Age recommendations: 5-9

Wind in the Willows

This brilliant all female cast take on a classic. Adapted in light of outdated gender dynamics by the incredibly talented Dina Gregory, this audiobook celebrates sisterhood and independence in a truly magical way. So saddle up and get ready to accompany Lady Toad, Mistress Badger, Miss Water Rat and Mrs Mole on an adventure of a lifetime.

“I found that a bit hard to understand and also the start of it I don’t understand. The rest of it id really good like the middle bit. It’s only the first 3 minutes of it I couldn’t understand. The further in you are, the more interesting it is.” – Isaac, 7.

Author Kenneth GrahameDina Gregory | Narrators Cush JumboHarriet WalterAimee Lou WoodSusan WokomaJennifer SaundersRaj GatakClare CorbettGerard McDermottStephanie Racine |

Age recommendations: 5-9

Whilst the above are all audiobooks for children, they will definitely keep adults entertained too!

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