Camp-Line Offers Digital Nomads Comfort And Connectivity In Luxury Lounge Camper


While many vanlifers are searching for a simpler, more minimalist existence and a life off the grid, many are branching out in the opposite direction and becoming full time digital nomads. Luxury van converters Camp-Line are ready and waiting to cater to tech-savvy traveling millennials with their range of award-winning camper vans, and their latest model- the aptly named Lounge- doesn’t disappoint, with a modern interior reminiscent of a downtown loft apartment or hotel room and all the tech a digital nomad could need.

Camp Line Lounge Luxury Tech Connected Camper Van
Looking from the back of the van into the cockpit.

German company Camp-Line has been converting vans since 2017 and doing it well; their previous conversions have won awards, and their new Lounge model makes no compromises on comfort or connectivity with the largest bed area in its class.

It’s based on a Fiat Ducato with a 2.3L Multijet engine delivering 140bhp and an 8 speed ZF automatic gearbox. It features comfort suspension, 18” alloy rims and the latest electronic assistance systems.

Beneath the 3.75m (148”) long awning an electric step grants the user entry to a world of stylish monochrome tones and smart stainless steel fixtures. The walls and ceiling are insulated and winter-proofed for travel at any time of year, stylish vinyl lines the floor while the walls are covered in pale concrete-design cladding. The whole interior feels light, spacious and modern, a world away from the floral-print upholstery and wood-effect cupboards of your typical motorhome.

Camp Line Lounge Luxury Tech Connected Camper Van
Light concrete-design walls and smart blacks create a stylish upmarket space.

At the rear of the van is a flexible U-shaped lounge area which doubles as a bed and a generously sized dinette; the perfect workspace for reading or using a laptop. To power this laptop the Lounge comes with a 200Ah LiFePO auxiliary battery, far larger than is standard with most camper vans, an equally large 3kW inverter and a 320W solar panel and PV system for charging. Of course all this auxiliary power isn’t just for show; included in the Lounge is a Pioneer projector with screen, a TV with built-in Chromecast and Apple TV, a DVTB 2 HD antenna, TBB Touch & App electronics system and control panel, and an all-important WiFi package. 

Camp Line Lounge Luxury Tech Connected Camper Van
The Camp-Line Lounge wouldn’t be complete without its spacious namesake living area.

Coming back to the more central aspects of the camper van, a small expandable kitchenette with a stainless steel sink and single burner induction cooktop runs along one side, while a hidden washroom with fold-down sink and toilet occupies the other. In the kitchen you’ll also find a 65L compressor fridge and a Nespresso coffee machine, and a 65L onboard water supply feeds both sinks.

Camp Line Lounge Luxury Tech Connected Camper Van
The Camp-Line’s kitchenette is small yet stylish

For that little bit of extra comfort the Lounge comes with front swivel seats, additional pop-up power points and infrared heating. Its premium sound package is tailored specifically to Camp-Line’s younger customers, with Pioneer Z-Series front and rear speakers, a 25cm (10”) downforce subwoofer, an 8 channel amplifier, digital sound processor and external auxiliary connection. That’s a lot of sound for your buck. 

Camp Line Lounge Luxury Tech Connected Camper Van
The Lounge even finds space for a compact bathroom.

The Camp-Line lounge starts at €74,990 (approx. US $82,650), a high price but reasonable considering just how much tech and comfort you get inside. This is the perfect camper for a young digital nomad couple to whisk themselves away on a road trip while still maintaining that all-important WiFi connection.

Source: Camp-Line

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