Everyday Social Media Camera Gear


Over the years, I’ve tried quite a bit of camera gear to figure out what I love and what I don’t think is entirely necessary. Although I’ve learned a lot and tested my share of equipment, I still definitely prefer to stick with what I absolutely need and don’t really like adding all kinds of the extra stuff to my camera bag. I’ve done my best at getting some great “basics” to get the job.. and get it done well. So if you’re new to the camera world, maybe start here and figure out what works best for you!

Please keep in mind that it’s taken me years to accumulate this gear and it was definitely not all bought at once. Using your smartphone is perfectly fine, but photography is simply a hobby of mine that I really enjoy investing in when I can.

This is basically everything in my camera bag that will help get you started with taking amazing photos for social media!


Nikon D5500

This camera is an amazing place to start if you are looking for a DSLR! It’s a step up from the most basic but it’s still very easy to learn and takes much better photos than my cameras in the past. The touch screen flips out so you can see yourself if you’re filming on a tripod which is incredibly helpful. It’s not too heavy and that’s really important for traveling photographers especially or anyone having to lug around their gear all the time. It’s by far my favorite camera body that I’ve had and will also come with a kit lens (18mm-55mm); that’s a great lens to start with as well!


Sigma 18-35mm F1.8

This is my absolutely favorite lens! Similar to the kit lens mentioned above, but the quality is definitely better and I really recommend checking it out if you are looking for a great everyday lens. I use this about 90% of the time for my photos. The only negative I would have to add is that it’s a bit heavy. But other than that, I do not see myself getting rid of this baby any time soon! It just gives me beautiful photos every time which is all I can ask!


Canon PowerShot G7 X

This super lightweight camera is the greatest blog camera you could ask for! The screen flips up so you can always see what is in frame. It’s the lightest camera with the best quality and I swear you can carry it around for days on a monopod without your arm wanting to fall off! The microphone isn’t bad, but it isn’t perfect. If you plan to be outside a lot with wind or other elements that could ruin the sound quality, I recommend getting a microphone to add. Overall, this is just a great Youtube camera and works wonderful for any type of video.


ProMaster XC325C Carbon Fiber

New to my collection and quickly becoming my favorite tripod ever! With my Sigma lens being a little heavy, my old tripod would not allow me to turn the camera vertically (portrait) without dropping down or falling over. This thing is so sturdy and can hold any size camera/lens. The best part is that you can unscrew one of the legs and you have a monopod for the blogging camera! It’s so wonderfully made and much lighter weight than my old one. I was able to get this for a good deal from someone on social media so I recommend maybe trying to find it used or discounted in some way if possible.


Fujifilm Instax Wide 300 Instant Film

There are definitely several polaroid cameras out there but so many of them tend to completely break or not work properly after a short time of having them. This one has worked really well since the day I got it and the photos are larger than the “mini” style polaroids which is super nice!


This is your standard memory card but it’s 64GB so you can take a ridiculous amount of photos without filling up all the storage space. It’s a trustworthy brand that makes excellent products. Any time I need a memory card, I always tend to buy this one and love them every time.

This is the film I use for the polaroid camera mentioned above. This pack comes with 20 sheets, it’s obviously the right size, and at a much lower price than similar film you’ll find in a store. I’ve purchased several packs and each one has worked so I definitely trust the brand.

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