How do I complete the transfer safely due to COVID-19?


Handing over your vehicle safely

A lot of people are worried about renting out while we are dealing with the coronavirus. We understand that and we’ve tried to set up a protocol to make any handovers as safe as possible. The handover is an important moment in the renting out of your vehicle and with a few simple steps we can make it a lot safer. Please use the following guidelines:

1. Before meeting the renter, please clean the vehicle thoroughly with a disinfectant. When you’ve done this, it’s best not to touch anything in the vehicle or to use rubber gloves. When you are cleaning, take extra care of touchpoints like handles, gear stick, doors and the steering wheel. It is up to the owner to do this before the rental period and up to the renter to do this after the rental period. For the renter: when you return the vehicle, first take out all of your belongings so you can clean it properly. Bring the vehicle back and make a quick last round through the touchpoints with an all-purpose cleaner.

2. If you have the possibility, send a manual or video to the renter beforehand so they can already learn about the vehicle and the handover doesn’t have to take too much time.

3. Don’t shake hands when you do the handover. It might feel unnatural but people will understand why this is. The best way is to do the handover with one person from the renting party and the owner of the vehicle. This will make it easier to keep your distance

4. As an owner it is best to not touch anything in the vehicle anymore after you’ve cleaned it. Let the renter inside the vehicle and when you want to show the bathroom for example, let the renter open the door. You can guide them from outside the vehicle.

5. When returning the vehicle as a renter, it is best to let the lessor check everything. You’ve just cleaned everything and should be safe.

How to properly clean your vehicle – a step by step guide

Cleaning of your motorhome or caravan is now extra important. The risk of spreading the virus via a surface is not very large but it is possible. To take out that risk, we give you some easy cleaning tips. With a good all-purpose cleaner and a bucket of hot water you’re halfway there.

 Step 1: Make sure you have the right stuff

A microfibre cloth with a warm bucket of water with some all-purpose cleaner is preferred for cleaning the surfaces of the motorhome. You can use a dry cloth for the dusty parts. Which all-purpose cleaner you use is not very important, the virus particles are destroyed by cleaning thoroughly with warm water and soap. When you have access to soap it is always better to use this than a disinfectant hand gel.

Step 2: Preparation and dry cleaning

Make sure that cleaning is the last step in the preparation for the rental period. Make sure that everything that should be in the vehicle, is in the vehicle and that the tanks are empty (expect fuel of course). That means that after cleaning, you don’t have to go back in to the vehicle. You can now start with dry cleaning, dusting and vacuuming when possible.

Step 3: Wet cleaning

After dry cleaning you can start with your soapy water to clean the surfaces. Check the condition of use for your detergent for any specific usage. Start with the least dirty surfaces and work from up to down. The dirt and other stuff won’t fall on your already cleaned surfaces like that

Step 4: Extra attention

When cleaning you can give extra attention to surfaces that are used often

  • Tap
  • Toilet seat, slides and buttons in the bathroom
  • Handles
  • Table top
  • Kitchen counter
  • Grips and knobs of cabinets and doors
  • Steering wheel
  • Gear stick
  • Keys

Step 5: Leave it behind

When you’ve finished cleaning, you’ll close the door and leave it (you can clean the door handle or the keys now). Make sure you don’t have to enter the vehicle anymore and the next person that will enter the vehicle is the renter (or the owner if you are a renter).

With a thorough cleaning, we make travelling with a motorhome or caravan even safer. If you have any question or suggestions, we are here for you!

This way we keep it as safe as possible! Also see how the owner Wouter rents his camper and how he ensures a safe transfer in the video below.

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