Unique Micro Camper Attaches to a Scooter – And It’s Adorable


Just when you thought two-person campervans couldn’t get any smaller, German company Elektro Frosch is set to burst onto the scene with a somewhat unconventional alternative. Not quite a camper van, not just a trike, but an intriguing combination of the two with a zero-emissions engine thrown into the mix, the Elektro Frosch camping scooter is ready to revolutionize green travel.

Elektro Frosch mini camping scooter trike
The Elektro Frosch scooter fully set up and ready to camp.

The Elektro Frosch or Electro Frog got its name from the L2E three-wheeled mopeds that formed the base of this micro camper; the inventor thought that the vehicle’s face reminded him of a frog and thus the name was born.

The moped is powered by a 60A 4.3 kWh battery capable of taking its riders on a drive of up to 60km (37 miles) although users have reported ranges as high as 100km (62 miles). You won’t be getting anywhere fast with a top speed of just 40km/h (25 mph) and a tiny 3.4hp engine, but the scooter’s limited range is a great way of encouraging users to get out and explore their local area, eliminating emissions and creating an altogether more environmentally friendly mode of travel. With so many campsites and aires dotted around not only Germany but also the entirety of Western Europe users won’t have to venture far to set up camp, and this could mark the start of a new trend of staying local during weekend adventures and holidays.

Elektro Frosch mini camping scooter trike
The Elektro Frosch got its name from the frog-faced moped it’s built from.

The moped is steered by handlebars and controlled by a combination of hand and foot controls, and at just 2.74m long (109”) it’s only half the length of your typical camper van yet it comes equipped with everything you could need.

Elektro Frosch mini camping scooter trike
A look inside the cockpit, which is available with or without doors.

The scooter’s 1.45m (4.8ft) long pick up bed houses a roof tent, which folds outwards perpendicularly to create a sleeping space for two. Within this, an expandable mobile kitchen unit is stored during transit ready to be set up at camp. It contains a stove, dishes and cutlery, and the unit itself doubles as a dining table along with four collapsible camping stools.

Elektro Frosch mini camping scooter trike
Somehow the tiny Elektro Frosch manages to pack in an entire kitchen and camp set.

To increase the micro camper’s tiny living space, a sunshade is included which attaches onto the back of the scooter and creates a handy outdoor area.

Elektro Frosch mini camping scooter trike
A perfect camp spot for two unfolds easily from the micro camper’s bed.

Prices start at just €3,990 ($4,400) for the Big model, which is a pared-down version that features an open air cockpit plus the camping kit thrown onto the back. For €4,990 ($5,500) you can get the more comfortable PRO model with an enclosed cockpit and ceramic heater, USB charging plus that all-important camping kit.

For once the focus isn’t so much on the vehicle as it is the movement that’s behind it. Many aspects of tourism worldwide aren’t sustainable, so by encouraging people to take their adventures close to home and support their local economies the Elektro Frosch could mark the beginning of a new type of travel altogether.

Source: Elektro Frosch

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