Titan Vans Creates Modular All-In-One Ski Chalet/Surf Shack Camper Packages


What the North American camper van market lacks in Class B camper van options, it more than makes up for in specially adapted adventure sports rigs. As we saw back in Spring with the snowmobile-equipped Bivy, there’s certainly a demand for camper vans that are capable of hitting the slopes, but how many of those are prepared to go on all-season adventures?

Titan Vans is offering a Skier/Surfer van conversion package that will take action-minded adventurers from the waves to the slopes with an all-in-one ski chalet/surf shack on wheels. Building on their Base package, Titan Vans create totally customizable conversions with one of the biggest range of options we’ve seen offered by a company, and best of all it’s completely modular, meaning you can easily revert back to a day van in just a few minutes without the need for tools.

Titan Vans Surfer Skier conversion package
Titan Vans create packages for Mercedes Sprinter and RAM Promaster vans.

It all starts with either a 144” Mercedes Sprinter or 136” RAM Promaster base van (not included in the price), to which Titan Vans add their Base package conversion.

This package is centered around the bi-fold bed platform at the rear of the van, which splits in two to allow one half to slide back and stow on top of the other when not in use. The package includes a surprisingly robust amount of electrical features like a 200Ah Lithium Ion battery, a 300W solar panel, a 2000W inverter and the options for either engine-battery charging or shore power. These are the kind of features you’d expect to see as upgrades but Titan Vans includes them as standard.

Titan Vans Surfer Skier conversion package
The bi-fold bed, folded in half at the rear of the van.

The Base package also includes a Webasto ST 2000 diesel furnace and a Maxxair Deluxe rear roof vent fan, to keep you warm at high altitudes and cool down on the beach. And for hosing you and your gear down after a surfing sesh there’s an outdoor spray shower fed from a 20 gallon wheel well water tank.

Titan Vans Surfer Skier conversion package
The outdoor spray-down shower lives under the bed with the gear storage.

Indoors there’s plenty of mod cons for a comfortable evening in, like dimmable cove and ceiling lights, bed reading lights with USB chargers, 120V AC outlets and driver and passenger swivel seats. Titan Vans have also included an integrated L-track system on the walls, floor and ceiling for all your gear-hauling needs.

Titan Vans Surfer Skier conversion package
Titan Vans have included L-tracks to the inside of their vans for easy gear stowing.

From here, customers are free to add any number of upgrade options, or choose an entire upgrade package such as the beefed-up Classic, but what we’re most interested in is their Surfer/Skier package. For an extra fee this includes a kitchen, heater and extra storage, although the removable racks on the floor for stowing surf or snow boards come as a free added option.

Titan Vans Surfer Skier conversion package
Floor-mounted gear racks, an essential for any avid surfer/snowboarder.

These are where Titan Vans get really customizable, as they offer an impressive range of upgrade packages to add in and make a van really become your own. Their Galley package includes a single burner induction cooktop, 130L Isotherm marine fridge, stainless steel sink, PaperStone countertop and storage, all for an additional $4,995.

Titan Vans Surfer Skier conversion package
The optional gallery kitchen upgrade, featuring a fridge, sink and storage.

There are over-galley cabinets for an extra $820, a bike mount kit for $235, or a bench seat package so you can bring friends along for the ride (add $2,120). You can also throw in an Isotemp Slim 4 gallon electric heater for an additional $1,395, or a grey water tank, cassette toilet, roof nest, awning, AC unit, front winch, fog lights and much more.

Titan Vans Surfer Skier conversion package
Titan Vans go above and beyond with the mod cons in even their most basic package.

The total cost of all the Skier/Surfer add-ons comes in at a total of $8,210. Add this to the $34,995 Base package, plus the price of a van, and you’re looking at around $70,000 for a fully customized surf-to-slope adventure van. That’s pretty affordable for a custom, modular conversion with such an extensive range of options, and when it comes to adventure sports enthusiasts Titan Vans certainly know their market.

Source and image credits: Titan Vans

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