The Super Versatile Vanster Can Haul Gear, Change Layouts And Carry Up To Eight Passengers


We’ve seen two really solid modular camper van releases this month, first the Adaptiv kit from Happier Camper, and now a super versatile van that can transform from camper van to gear hauler to eight-seater on a whim- the all new Vanster, from German company Pössl.

You may remember the Campster from Pössl as being one of the most affordable and flexible small camper options out there, well Pössl builds on this by adding even more versatility but for a smaller price tag.

The Vanster is a price-conscious camper with unbeatable modularity and room to bring eight family and friends along for the ride. It can be based on either a Citröen Jumpy or the slightly larger SpaceTourer with easy-care rubber flooring, front swivel seats and a pitch roof containing a bed, making it ideal for festivals and weekend getaways.

Possl Vanster modular Citroen Jumpy SpaceTourer camper van
A look inside the rear of the Vanster with its modular kitchen unit.

Both models come with a BlueHDI Start & Stop engine, and the interior isn’t the only part that’s flexible as the engine is available in either 1.5L or 2.0L at 100bhp,120bhp, 150bhp or 180bhp.

A variety of safety and parking assistance packages are available, as well as an optional Citroën CONNECT NAV DAB with voice recognition, DAB radio and audio system and a choice of exterior paint colors.

Possl Vanster modular Citroen Jumpy SpaceTourer camper van
The Vanster was built for weekend getaways, alone or with friends.

The layouts in the Vanster are seemingly endless, as the van switches seamlessly from gear-hauler to passenger carrier with possible layouts of 2, 5, 6 or 8 seats. A whole array of living, sleeping and cooking arrangements are made possible thanks to Pössl’s unique modular system: the Campbox.

Each camp box is constructed of high quality aluminum with a lightweight corrugated core material sandwiched between two cover plates, and each one houses a different type of equipment. Being an environmentally-friendly company the boxes are all recyclable, corrosion-resistant and have built-in thermal conductivity and sound absorption.

Possl Vanster modular Citroen Jumpy SpaceTourer camper van
The Campboxes can be disassembled and rearranged any way the user sees fit.

The Campboxes can easily be used indoors or out in a variety of different ways, and the user needs only to install the frame before sliding in modules and equipment so the unit can be easily disassembled and moved.

Several different modules are available including a kitchen block with sink, water tank and 12V pump, to which a portable gas stove, dish storage and refrigerator can be added. You could create a wraparound indoor kitchen, or cook outdoors or beneath the tailgate; the Campbox system offers total flexibility.

Possl Vanster modular Citroen Jumpy SpaceTourer camper van
One of the Vanster’s many layouts, in the form of a wraparound kitchen.

The Sleep unit offers a sophisticated sleeping option for two extra guests with a foam mattress or upgraded “Frolisystem” for added comfort, taking the total number of sleepers up to four with the double bed in the pitch roof. The Campboxes also double as storage, stools or tables, making the possibilities virtually endless.

Possl Vanster modular Citroen Jumpy SpaceTourer camper van
A selection of the Vanster’s many layouts, including sleeping, cooking and gear hauling arrangements.

With everything from the base van to the interior being totally versatile you can expect the same level of flexibility with Pössl’s pricing. The Citroën Jumpy-based Vanster starts at about $31k for the 1.5L pitch-roof model, while the more comfortable SpaceTourer Vanster starts at around $35.5k. The Campboxes are sold separately, with a kitchen box setting you back around $2,220 and a kitchen/bed kit coming it at $2,775, and for an eight seat upgrade for the Jumpy or SpaceTourer you’ll be looking at around $830 and $1,500 respectively.

Everything about the Vanster from start to finish is a totally flexible, customizable process, and for such a low entry level price and ultimate interior modularity there’s really nothing not to love about it.

Source and image credits: Vanster

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