Neuron EV Creates A Vision Of The Future For Camper Vans


We’ve seen a lot of electric vehicle start-up companies over the last year, some more successful than others, but a new LA-based company founded in 2017 is making some bold claims and some even bolder design ideas that have captured our attention.

Neuron EV has their sights set not just on a new range of electric vehicles, but also a “new wave of electric car culture”. They expect their range of futuristic multipurpose EVs will “resonate deeply with millennials”, in particular their fresh take on a camper van which they call the STAR.

Neuron EV STAR electric autonomous camper
The Neuron STAR is the most futuristic-looking camper we’ve seen.

“People carry their mobile devices everywhere because it empowers their lifestyle,” the company said in a press release. “We’ve lost that kind of car culture, and the STAR is Neuron’s way of making cars more enjoyable.”

Simply put, this innovative new vehicle will be a multipurpose electric mini truck, a pick up truck at its base but with the capability to add a range of versatile modules onto its back to transform it into a cargo box or even a camper van cabin.

Neuron EV STAR electric autonomous camper
The Neuron STAR’s pick up truck base.

It’s a cute little thing too, with even Neuron themselves describing the STAR as a “spaceship on wheels” with a brushed silver exterior, lightly curved front and angular rear end with tinted panoramic windows. It’s like Back To The Future’s take on a Mitsubishi Delica, and Neuron even hints at SUV possibilities with the chunky off-road tires in the rendering.

Neuron EV STAR electric autonomous camper
One of the many artistic renderings show the STAR towing a trailer.

What’s even more exciting about the STAR is that it can be combined with another piece of Neuron’s innovative technology to create a towable dual tiny home on wheels. Much like the Galileo concept camper from Hymer, Neuron also envisages using an electrically-powered skateboard-style chassis capable of self-driving which they call the MAP.

This will be used to drop a “Multipurpose Autonomous Platform” onto which can accept various types of modules including vendor kiosks, cafes, shops, tiny homes or even just shipping containers. As both the camper and the trailer would be electrically-powered it would create a zero-emissions means of travel, as well as being able to accommodate a party or four or potentially more in two autonomous modules.

This futuristic apartment on wheels can be seen in the rendering below, which features a chassis-mounted glass box with a simple lounge set up.

Neuron EV STAR electric autonomous camper
A tiny living module attached to Neuron’s MAP electric chassis.

But Neuron EV isn’t just setting their sights on the camper van market; they’re also anticipating a whole range of other EVs including an Electric Utility Vehicle, an Electric Semi-Truck, a Medium Duty Electric Truck and an e-BUS, and to charge all of these the company is taking things one step further.

Neuron EV also envisages a futuristic world where passengers will stop to charge their EVs at REP centers (Renewable Energy Plazas) which look and act a lot like your typical highway service stations with food and rest areas for the passengers but with solar-powered charging stations for their vehicles.

Neuron EV STAR electric autonomous camper
The STAR next to its big brother the MET.

Neuron’s website, unfortunately, offers little to no further insight into their plans, instead displaying a series of cinematic timelapse videos and a few bold statements such as “enriching humanity” and “a new paradigm of transportation”.

Unless Neuron can come up with something a little more substantial than a few imaginative renderings at the upcoming International Export Expo in Shanghai however, then they’re going to face some tough competition from other upcoming EVs like the Rivian RT1 and the Volkswagen ID Buzz in the future, but we’re excited to see what Neuron may have hiding up their sleeves.

Source: Neuron EV

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