Lexani’s G-77 Sky Master Looks More Private Jet Than Truck


Every now and then a company comes along with an idea so outlandish, so lavishly expensive that it seems they’re only trying to one up each other in terms of price and luxury, like the world’s most expensive Sprinter van we looked at last year.

Similarly to the Klassen Sprinter van, this Ford F-550 truck is designed as a luxury mobile office and transportation, presumably to ferry passengers between 5* hotels and private jets. Its lavishly refined interior was crafted by artisans from Italian leather, polished wood and real 24 karat gold, and it’s equipped with state-of-the-art electronics and comes with a price tag to reflect that fact.

Lexani G:77 Sky Master luxury mobile office transporter
Lexani use only the finest materials to craft their range of vehicles.

Lexani Motorcars is the first and last name in luxury vehicles, a company that not only is capable of creating a 33ft long luxury Ford transporter, but who also offer a vehicle armoring service, create what they have termed ‘Extreme Terrain Vehicles’, and even take on the delicate task of remodeling Rolls Royces.

The G:77 Sky Master is aptly named for its resemblance to the interior of a private jet, and they boast of having created the world’s first “hyper-luxury” transporter. It was built on a 33ft long Ford F-550 Super Duty chassis cab, and presumably uses the truck’s same 6.2L gasoline-powered V8 engine.

Lexani G:77 Sky Master luxury mobile office transporter
The extremely long wheelbase Ford F-550 chassis forms the base of this truck.

While the exterior looks somewhat like a glorified prison truck with blacked out windows and a large front-facing sunroof, the interior is far from it, with tan walls, polished wood trim, tan leather and a 24k gold plated bathroom. And no, the white balance isn’t completely out of whack on the photographer’s camera; this truck is actually filled from top to bottom with opulently warm tones.

Lexani G:77 Sky Master luxury mobile office transporter
The vehicle’s warm tones carry on through to the 24k gold-plated bathroom.

Aside from the lounge and entertainment area, the Sky Master also has a VIP boardroom complete with a polished wood and chrome table, a kitchenette primarily designed for storing and pouring either champagne or fine whisky from its small fridge and mini bar, and a tiny bathroom with a toilet and an exceptionally shiny sink.

Lexani G:77 Sky Master luxury mobile office transporter
The smallest, most expensive bathroom you’ll ever lay eyes on.

But we know what you really want to hear about are the Sky Master’s many entertainment, office and state-of-the-art electronics systems.

It’s got six automatic reclining power seats covered with monogrammed tan European leather, which you can relax back into with the aid of an adjustable footrest as the chair heats up and massages your aches and pains away after a long day of work.

Lexani G:77 Sky Master luxury mobile office transporter
Sit back, relax and take a ride in the G:77 Sky Master’s luxury lounge.

There are three, yes three 65” Ultra HD TVs, a Bose home theatre system and an array of iPads, Mac Minis and 360º security monitoring integrated into a Control4 system, so you can achieve that perfect balance of work and play.

Lexani G:77 Sky Master luxury mobile office transporter
The ultimate in-flight entertainment system- or should that be on-road?

Warm LED lighting shines down as you sip your oak barrel-aged whisky from a crystal glass and place it in one of the many integrated airplane-style cupholders, or if you want to take a nap after a hard day’s work in your mobile office you can roll down the blinds and recline two of the truck’s bench seats into a bed at the touch of a button.

Lexani G:77 Sky Master luxury mobile office transporter
An oasis of calm and extravagance; the Sky Master bedroom.

Lexani Motorcars has rather humbly described their creation as “a rolling mosaic of utility, opulence, and comfort, at a level never before witnessed in a transporter.” And you’ve got to hand it to them, it is luxurious. But we know you’re itching to find out how much one of these would cost, and we can reveal that it’s a rather modest cool million.

One million dollars, for a rolling, first class mobile office and hotel. Sure the G:77 Sky Master is outlandish, it’s extravagant and a little self-indulgent, but if you had a spare million lying around and you wanted to work, sleep and drive in the ultimate comfort and style, wouldn’t you buy one?

Source and image credits: Lexani Motorcars

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