My Top 5 Must- Have Road trip Snacks


As a vegan who road trips basically full time, I am constantly on the lookout for as many snack- type of foods for my long driving days. I don’t typically eat full meals on those days because I just want to get to where I’m going so I snack alllll day instead. These are all of my favorite vegan road trip snacks!


These are always my go- to on the road because they are absolutely everywhere, inexpensive, and DELICIOUS. A lot of other bars are hard to find consistently when traveling but KIND is in most stores, gas stations, and anywhere else you want to pick up a snack on a long driving day. They are a ton of flavors including vegan option and non- vegan options! These are a staple in my van and I always have about 4 boxes stashed away.


Go Macro is your best option if you like supporting smaller brands that are also really health focused. These bars are vegan and gluten free. The entire company is also mother- daughter owned and just getting started. So it just feels good to support a brand that really cares and needs the love! There’s a variety of flavors just like KIND, but they are a little more difficult to find. You’ll have to prepare and order from the website or go to the “find us” tab where you can see locations that sell them near you.



Union wine is MY FAVORITE. Obviously this is for the end of a long driving day or whenever you get to camp for the night. But when you’re road tripping and don’t want to bring glass, these cans of wine will save you every time. They’re perfect to throw in a bag when you go hiking or have camping with friends. No glass = priceless. These little cans have also been popping up in tons of stores. Every time I go grocery shopping lately, I see them everywhere! It’s an awesome brand and perfect for road trips. They have a delicious Pinot Noir that I highly recommend.



Jerky is that one thing I never thought I could have again as a vegan! But this flavor of Louisville Vegan Jerky is the BEST and I devour an entire bag every time I have drive a few hours. You can find them at any whole foods or on the website of course. But this stuff is seriously my favorite and I stock up whenever I get the chance. Perfect snack for the road and even better that it’s vegan.



I have had every vegan cookie out there and I can say with absolute certainty.. THIS IS THE ONE. It’s so good with the perfect combination of crunchy and chewy. The sides are a little crispy while the middle is perfectly soft. I don’t allow myself to buy these too often because I have never not finished the bag in the same day. They don’t taste “healthy” like a lot of vegan desserts; they taste like actual cookies!

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