Lightweight TrailStomper Micro Camper Trailer is Perfect for Off-Roading


Camping trailers are absolutely taking off this year, and although they generally range in size from a tiny two berth teardrop trailer to a hulking great 6 berth luxury caravan, the TrailStomper by SportsRig, at first glance, doesn’t even seem capable of sleeping one person. That is of course until you start kitting it out with a whole range of extras like adjustable suspension and a rooftop tent, and the TrailStomper expands into an off-roading all-terrain two berth adventure trailer, complete with kitchen, lights and a shower.

SportsRig TrailerStomper micro camping trailer
The TrailStomper seen here fully deployed and ready to camp up for the night.

Despite being one of the smallest exhibits at last month’s Overland Expo West, the TrailStomper certainly turned a few heads. Resembling more in appearance to a motorcycle trailer, it was in fact designed as an accompaniment to the trails for anything from motorbikes to regular-sized 4x4s.

It’s made of a tough powder-coated steel frame sitting on 17” aluminum motorbike wheels with Kenda K720 dual-sport motorcycle tires.

The trailer also features a fully independent suspension system with upgraded coilover FOX shocks, and the suspension can be adjusted to match your load weight which leads to better tracking and reduced bouncing on the trails.

SportsRig TrailerStomper micro camping trailer
A close up look at the trailer’s shocks and suspension system.

SportsRig’s trailer, despite being just 40” (102cm) long when compacted, offers an impressive 22 cubic feet (623L) of storage space inside. Sitting at 43” wide by 23” high (109cm x 58cm) it weighs just 250lbs (113kg), making it the lightest micro camper trailer we’ve seen so far, even lighter than this chicken feather construction Earth Traveler trailer. On top of this it can load a mighty 650lbs (295kg) of gear, and its low weight means you’ll barely notice the pull on your car or your fuel gauge as you tow.

SportsRig TrailerStomper micro camping trailer
The TrailStomper is built to carry all of your gear and more.

The design of the TrailStomper trailer is so sleek and minimal you would hardly believe it could stand up to the rugged tests of the trails, but its lightweight components and small size are its biggest assets, making it less susceptible to bumps and scrapes as it’s towed over rocky terrain and through narrow gaps. It also features an army green paint job on its aluminum walls, and it can be seen in the photo below fully laden with all the gear you could need on a weekend adventure.

SportsRig TrailerStomper micro camping trailer
SportsRig’s trailer can withstand any punishment the backcountry might throw at it.

When you buy a TrailStomper you are essentially buying a basic trailer which can then be totally customized to your needs by SportsRig or by yourself. Some of their available accessories include a rooftop tent mount, a road shower mount, an awning extension, fold-down externally-mounted walnut tables, additional storage, lighting controls and fast action leveling jacks.

This trailer is brimming with potential, and SportsRig encourages you to fully customize it yourself- they just provide the base. Attach the trailer to the back of your truck, haul it out into the backcountry and set up your base with a rooftop tent and you’ve got an all-in-one highly portable camping trailer.

SportsRig TrailerStomper micro camping trailer
SportsRig’s trailer is completely customizable, and they’ll even help you do it.

The basic model starts at $4,899, and the price ranges up to around $11,000 for a fully-equipped model with all the mod cons including a fridge. For someone looking to upgrade their SUV’s camping facilities, or expand their sleeping space when out on a weekend hitting the trails with minimal extra effort required, the TrailStomper micro trailer is a perfect off-road companion.

Source and image credits: SportsRig

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