8 Vandwellers Creatively Earning Remote Income

vandwellers remote income
vandwellers remote income

Earning a remote income is a pretty important aspect of living on the road if you want to travel long- term. Finances are usually one of the biggest setbacks for people wanting to do van life or travel full- time because making money outside of a typical “workplace” seems impossible. BUT, these guys have all figured out the best way for them to make money on the road and live the life they want! It’s all about being creative, knowing your skills and ultimately just going after it even if (or when) you have doubts!

Don’t let money be the thing that stops you from living your dreams, and hopefully these talented people can stir up some ideas to get you going! Everyone earns their income differently and does what best suits them. So take these ideas and apply them to your own life in some way! Not only that, but support the community and check out their businesses! We are a community of hard- working nomads and they deserve all the love they can get.

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After quitting their corporate jobs in Toronto, this couple later found themselves managing a café in Melbourne, Australia.

Fast forward, they then packed their bags and headed for Nepal and India where they discovered the real magic and culture behind chai tea.

The duo returned home to Toronto after this amazing adventure and began the next big chapter.. Chaiwala!

Now, they run their own business making chai tea with the office in Ontario, but always running things from wherever their beautiful home on wheels takes them!


These guys mastered the art of leveraging social media and affiliate marketing so they began helping others do the same!

They came up with “Creator Academy” where they teach you to break free from the 9-5 and replace your full- time income with the use of social media and sales funnels. If your focus is concentrated on Instagram, they have you covered there too! Their second program directly targets Instagram and how to gain an engaged audience. 

If you’re interested, you can attend a web class where they’ll teach you everything you need to know about the programs before signing up!


For a long time, these two worked hard at their jobs building trust with the employers. Christian worked towards becoming more remote, while Aubry already being remote, looked forward to increasing her pay to earn a full- time income. Once these things were accomplished, they were able to officially hit the road in their van! 

Now, they’ve been able to quit those jobs due to their growing YouTube channel and working on social media marketing for others! If you’re interested in learning how to get a remote job or want to learn more about van life, check out their channel as they share all the info you’ll need!


This solo female traveler began as a lawyer, then changed it up to flipping houses, and later started an interior design firm. Now that she’s on the road, she is a digital nomad doing admin work remotely for an internet company. She was able to get this job from her previous position as a lawyer.

“My advice is to follow through with all opportunities that come your way. Remember that “all roads lead to Rome”– trust that whatever you try out right now will help you on your path in the future.  Instead of worrying about making the right move, just make any move and see where it takes you!” – Lisa


You may also know this beauty from @ourhomeonwheels with the cutest van baby around, little Juniper. Giddi started making jewelry as a hobby and when moving into the van, she realized it would be a great way to sustain her life on the road.

They began with a small shop working through Etsy and making all the jewelry in the van. Quickly, they started growing until new hands were added to the business and now it’s a team effort to keep everything running smoothly.

Giddi focuses mostly on creating simple, staple pieces with a minimalistic (super cute) style.


This adorable family hit the road in 2016 to travel the 48- contiguous United States in their Honda Civic Hybrid. The trip sparked an even deeper love for travel than they had before and the family quickly realized that for them, “less is more and experiences bring more value than things.”

Now, they’ve managed to make van life a reality by working super hard at a variety of different things. Ashley travels the auto show circuit as a product specialist for Acura while both Ashley and Mars also work together as managers for various marketing tours.


Mike and Jess began their travels around the country with their pup, Vinny in 2017. Mike was an architect and Jess worked as a scientist! These are definitely two careers some people may not think could be taken mobile…

But, they now earn their income by Mike using his incredible skills to draw all the places they go and selling the sketches through Etsy. He’s always looking out for beautiful architecture and landscapes to put on paper! Also, Jess applies her background to translate technical science info for public consumption!


For the last 6 years, these digital nomads have been freelancing and building their own business. They recently started helping others build their businesses from scratch by teaching them how to freelance, where to begin in starting the brand, and how to attract clients to the brand.

They have put together various digital products and e-books which are geared towards giving you all the tools you would need to start a remote business and allow yourself to finally have a flexible schedule!

The “Work From Wherever” starter kit includes all kinds of advice, tips, and even workbooks to get you started on earning a remote income!

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Final Notes

All of these lovely people had to come up with ways to live on the road and sustain the lifestyle long- term. If you’re planning to move into a van soon, you’ll have to figure out a remote income in some form or another as well! Sometimes it’s nice to get cool ideas from people already making it work and finding a similar way to work in your own style! 

Whether it’s starting a business by using skills you had before living in the van, coming up with a way to teach others about the lifestyle and monetize it, or working for a company that is happy to support you living and doing your job remotely, I highly encourage you to think outside the box and come up with a way to make money on the road and be passionate about what you’re doing! Allow this lifestyle to push you to stay motivated towards your goals with not only traveling but with your career as well!

I’m always happy to talk with you and help you better figure out what you can do to support yourself on the road. Feel free to contact me any time!

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