7 things you need to know about Fort Wayne, Indiana


As a British person, where pretty much EVERYWHERE is a tourist destination, Fort Wayne was an eye-opener for me.

Everyone I spoke to before we visited asked ‘Why are you going there?” Heck, even the hotel concierge told me, “no-one comes here for a holiday.”

It seems to be a town built for business, with the vast majority of all visitors arriving for meetings, networking or family events. But, despite this, there are a HUGE number of activities on offer… if you know where to find them. 

Fort Wayne indiana things to do and review

Fort wayne indiana

Things to know about Fort Wayne, Indiana

Fort Wayne is bigger than I expected, with shops, restaurants, bars & cafes all over the place. 

There are churches everywhere and they’re all really pretty! The twin-spired cathedral is particularly pretty and imposing on the skyline.

Sports in Fort Wayne

There are several sports teams in action in Fort Wayne. Tickets are available via their websites.

If you’re feeling active yourself, there are kayaks to rent, skating at the rink, golf courses, laser tag, rock climbing, trampolining, go-karting and bike rental.

Kids entertainment in Fort Wayne

There are games arcades, escape rooms, bumper cars and glow in the dark mini-golf. There’s also a zoo, several museums, botanical gardens, vineyards and chocolate tours! 

Bison in Fort Wayne Indiana

Bison in Fort Wayne Indiana

Restaurants in Fort Wayne

In our 24 hours in town, we managed to visit a healthy number of restaurants- and they were ALL delicious. I have no idea if this is normal in America, or if we lucked out, but Fort Wayne has definitely got a great foodie vibe going on. 


Proximo is a perfect start to your day. I had the mixed berry pancakes and they were delicious (although they looked a little weird!) 


If you fancy Chinese food, I highly recommend Nawa. The basil stir fry was delicious. Yep, BASIL stir fry. Never heard of it before but well worth the gamble.


For steak, Tolon is the place. Mr WB had the bison steak and I had salmon, which was good but the bison was amazing. And then have the chocolate cake for dessert. Just do it. 

While you’re there, take time to look at the incredible wall art (mural?!?!) on the wall across the street from the restaurant. It’s a huge Bison and really good.


If you like alcohol and especially cocktails, go to the Copper Spoon. They have a proper cocktail menu and a great atmosphere.

Having said that, don’t let someone talk you into buying a 12yr old whiskey, claiming it tastes like a melted Werther’s original. You’ll only be disappointed (and they’ll end up drinking your scotch ? )

Useful Tips for non-Americans visiting Fort Wayne, Indiana (or America in general!)

  • A ‘biscuit’ is like a scone. And they really do eat it with gravy. It tastes good… but weird for breakfast.
  • When driving, you can turn right. On a red light. Although it’s ‘frowned upon’ to do it with kids crossing the road!
  • You drive on the right. Which might make the above point make more sense. 
  • When you say ‘bAsil’, people will look at you weird. They pronounce is BAYsil. 
  • Fort Wayne is in the ‘mid-west’ USA. Don’t ask me why- it’s neither mid nor west of anything!!! I still can’t wrap my head around it. 

We only spent 24 hours in Fort Wayne, but I was pleasantly surprised after all the scaremongering! So, if you’re heading in that direction, take some time to explore and see what you can find. 

Been to Fort Wayne? Have a favourite restaurant or activity? Drop it in the comments below

Looking for things to do in Fort Wayne, Indiana? Here are 7 fun things to pass the time. #fortwayne #indiana #things to do

Looking for things to do in Fort Wayne, Indiana? Here are 7 fun things to pass the time. #fortwayne #indiana #things to do

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