Winter Sports Adventure Van Sleeps Two And Packs A Snowmobile


When it comes to van conversions, your options can be a little, well, same-y. Same old bed, same old kitchen, same old living area. Well, Portland-based company Outside Van has turned everything on its head, redefined the essentials you need in a camper, and created a van with a purpose. There’s no luxuries, minimal mod cons and comforts, with a design aimed to push you outside into the action and make you want to grab your snowboard to head out in search of fresh powder.

The Bivy, a Mercedes Sprinter 144-based camper with 4×4 capabilities, is a pared down, no-frills camper designed and built with Alpine enthusiasts in mind. The creators, Outside Van, have made a name for themselves building custom van conversions with modern, innovative designs. This particular camper, a powder-chaser’s dream, features ski storage racks, bunk beds, and, wait for it, there’s even space for a snowmobile.

Outside Van's "Bivy" Mercedes Sprinter 4x4 Adventure Van
Winter gear-hauling storage solutions are at the heart of this van.

Every element of this van from the outside in has been built for mountain weather. The Mercedes Sprinter features upgraded all-weather tires, PIAA 3” LED driving lights, a 22” LED light bar and OSV high strength aluminum front pre-runner and rear step bumpers.

Outside Van's "Bivy" Mercedes Sprinter 4x4 Adventure Van
This Sprinter 144 has been adapted to take on even the harshest winter conditions.

The interior comes in a range of colorful anodized metal finishes and is dominated by an assortment of storage solutions. There are the aforementioned ski racks mounted on one side of the van using a unique Mac Trac mounting system, capable of holding an entire snowboard and ski collection.

Then there are the overhead OSV exoskeleton cabinets, which are removable, durable and waterproof. Large storage boxes, extra racks and hooks, and rear door stuff sacks for bulky items give the Bivy some serious storage capacity for gear.

Outside Van's "Bivy" Mercedes Sprinter 4x4 Adventure Van
Wall-mounted storage racks can hold even the largest snowboard collection.

The large, empty area of space in the center of the van is reserved for a full-size snowmobile, and includes a ramp for ease of unloading, as well as an electric winch to help with loading. A handy 12V 120psi air compressor is included too, for blowing snow off your snowmobile and ski gear after a day on the slopes, or just for pumping up tires.

Outside Van's "Bivy" Mercedes Sprinter 4x4 Adventure Van
Everything you could ask for in a portable ski cabin on wheels.

Two people can sleep in the Bivy, one of top of the other on double bunk beds (preferably with a well-insulated sleeping bag) making it perfect for ski seasons with your friends. A Webasto diesel heater keeps things toasty at night.

Outside Van's "Bivy" Mercedes Sprinter 4x4 Adventure Van
Basic, but functional, this design is all about what’s outside your door, not inside.

Strangely for a camper, this van doesn’t feature a kitchen or any cooking apparatus, apart from a compact shelf at the front of the living space which holds a Vita Mix bar for smoothies or protein shakes in the morning.

This van may feel quite minimalistic on the inside, but it still has power. It comes with 12V and 110V outlets, as well as a solar package including a 100W solar panel and a ZAMP 30amp solar charge controller.

Outside Van's "Bivy" Mercedes Sprinter 4x4 Adventure Van
The kitchen shelf, just enough space to make a light breakfast.

This van conversion is a powder-chaser’s dream, for anyone who doesn’t mind swapping out a few home comforts for a chance to get closer to the action. You’re not confined to a Mercedes Sprinter either, as Outside Van will convert any van for you as long as it’s from 2007 or newer; you can provide your own, order a brand new one or choose from a chassis in stock.

Outside Van's "Bivy" Mercedes Sprinter 4x4 Adventure Van
Load up your snowmobile after a day on the slopes.

The only thing lacking from the Bivy van is a price tag, as packages and options vary, but prices for Outside Van conversions range from $32,000 to well over $100,000. Oh, and the snowmobile’s not included.

Source: Outside Van

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