What to look for when selecting a renter


Determine in advance for yourself which points you find important to know about a renter. This can be the travel partners and travel plans, but also personal information such as home address or the work of a renter. This helps you to gain confidence in renting out your camper. Just make sure you don’t limit yourself.

Renter profile

If a potential renter has submitted an application to you, you can take a look at his / her profile. You do this by clicking on the profile photo. The information provided by the renter allows you to get a better idea of ​​the person to whom you may rent out your camper.

Look at the reviews

What do other owners say about the renter? The reviews can give you an impression of how other owners have experienced contact with the renter. The reviews are also useful to see whether a renter has previously rented a camper and therefore has experience with motorhomes. Note that not every owner leaves a review about his renter and some renters have only recently registered with Camptoo. Therefore, do not let this be the deciding factor in your judgement. To checkout Camptoo’s reviews please click here.


Social media

Unfortunately, renters do not always complete their profile completely. By looking up your renter via Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn you can still get a more complete impression of someone. It also helps to Google your renters.

Meet each other in real life

We recommend that where practical you always meet with each other before you accept a rental request. This helps to see if you ‘click’ and gives you the opportunity to give some explanation about your camper. You can also have the renter take a test drive. The rental is mainly based on a feeling of trust and a first meeting can help you get this feeling. 

Do you feel the first meeting didn’t go so well, or you didn’t jell with one another? Then you can always refuse the request. Remember this is your vehicle and you are in complete control of what happens.


Ask questions

Feel free to ask as many questions as you like via the Private Message system, this is one of the best ways to gather more information on the renter and assure yourself that they are right for you. Finally, remember if the person making a booking request doesn’t feel right for you, there is no obligation for you to rent your vehicle out to them. 

For additional support on this subject you may want to look in our FAQ’s

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Still not managed to answer your questions? No problem, you can contact us at support@camptoo.com.au or call us on 03 9988 6111 for more information and assistance.

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