It all starts with the right photograph


They say a picture is worth a thousand words – And your photos are your ads signboard. First impressions count and possible tenants will base their initial decision on whether or not to proceed based on what they see, so it is essential that you’re able to capture and hold their attention. If they are good, more people will click through to your ad and so likely generate more bookings for you.

But taking good photos is not always easy, but improvements can be easily made. We would like to share with you Camptoo’s tips and tricks for taking beautiful pictures of your camper, so that you have the best chance for a successful ad.

Step 1: Light, light & light!

Light is perhaps the most important thing for achieving a good and clear photo. The most beautiful photos are taken during the day with enough sunlight and this also applies to photos taken of the inside of your vehicle. When taking pictures of the inside, ensure you have all the curtains, shutters and doors are open so that enough light can enter. If you don’t have the chance to take photos with enough natural light, make sure that all the lights in the camper or caravan are switched on or have an extra lamp to make the inside as bright as possible. If your photos are nicely exposed, you can showcase just how spacious your camper is. And lastly, when taking pictures of the outside of the camper, always take pictures with the sun behind you.


Step 2: It’s all about the angles

Also make sure you take photos of your camper from every angle. Take a few photos of the outside showing the front, back and sides of the vehicle. And on the inside, the driver’s side, center console and all areas of the inside of your camper that show it off the amenities and other items the might appeal to renters.


Step 3. What to include in your photos?

Try to take photos with an attractive background such as your favourite holiday destination, the beach, a fun caravan park, in nature or anywhere else you think gives your camper the most appeal. By doing this, you are already giving potential renters an idea as to what their holiday can look like. 


Renters are secretly more interested in the inside of your camper and caravan. Is there enough space? What about the layout? These are two uncertainties that you immediately remove when you take pictures of all the essential areas. A must is taking photos of all beds and sleeping areas. When taking pictures of this, ensure you show what it looks like when it is set up and ready for sleeping as well as when it is folded or packed down. The other essential areas are the kitchen, fridge, bathroom, seating/dining areas and storage space.


But what about accessories? Does your camper or caravan have an awning, bicycle rack, television, camping chairs and tables, or solar panels? It’s the extra details not only within your ad but within the photos you take to show you have thought of absolutely everything to make for an incredible holiday experience. So, don’t forget to include these too!

Step 4. Keeping it neat and tidy

Taking pictures when your camper has just been washed and cleaned not only makes for a great picture but also shows that your vehicle is well loved and maintained. Have you ever taken a picture only to later realise that there is something that you didn’t want in background? Make sure your vehicle is neat and tidy with minimal to no clutter as this can sometimes be distracting.

Step 5. Going the extra mile

These days there are lots of free or low cost picture editing tools around, so you may want to consider using these to help improve your final shots. For most of us we’ll use our phone’s camera to take photographs; here you’ll find that even the most basic smartphones come with the ability to adjust the rudimentals like brightness, saturation, resize the image etc. of any picture you take.

If you want to take it to another level however, you might want to consider using an online image editor like Fotor (free) or smartphone app like Snapseed (free).

Have more questions for us? No problem, you can contact us at or call us on 03 9988 6111 for more information and assistance.

Happy trails

Camptoo Support Team


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