Best Van Life Rental Companies


Whether you’re testing out van life before making the leap or you just want a quick trip, renting a converted van is a great way to go. You’ll get a real sense of what it’s like to live in a van while having the opportunity to test out which parts you like or aren’t completely crazy about. There are so many different rental companies to choose from and figuring out which ones have the best prices for the best vans can be difficult. These are all of my favorite rental companies with the best conversions for the best budget!

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Outdoorsy is my personal favorite because it has vans almost everywhere. A lot of rental companies are location specific but Outdoorsy has vans, campers, and RVs all over the place. I have used Outdoorsy to rent my own van before and had a really great experience. It’s very similar Airbnb but for conversion vans instead! You simply message the owners and talk with them a little about your trip. They’ll approve you and then you’re ready to go! This allows you to have a really personal experience in an actual van versus a factory- made look that companies rent out. Outdoorsy also provides liability insurance for all of it’s customers as well which is a nice bonus.


GoCamp is very similar to Outdoorsy but is specific to California, Oregon, and Idaho. I will admit that collectively they do have some of the nicest vans. The only issue is that you have to pick them up in the states where they’re available and only having the 3 is pretty limited to most people. The prices are very standard and they even offer one way rentals. So you can get a van in one city and drop it off in another which is awesome. I haven’t seen anyone else do this as of yet!

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If you want to rent a van but aren’t sure where to park, check out my blog post all about overnight parking and boon docking. You can also see here all the campsites that I have personally enjoyed!


This one is for my European travelers! Goboony is located in the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, and France. There are a few smaller countries as well but those are the main places you can find them. They have really affordable vans with a variety of layouts. If you’re just visiting Europe, the website is also really helpful with tons of campsite options and recommendations for your trip.


Cruise America is a RV rental company so it isn’t technically vans. But you may want a little extra space for your vacation and this type of rig will definitely offer that. It isn’t quite as personal of an experience like Outdoorsy, but if you’re looking for a guaranteed experience where you know exactly what you’re getting into, this is probably the one for you. It’s very well- organized and the RVs all look the same so you wouldn’t have to worry about picking one that’s right for you. These RV rentals are really popular and I actually see at least one on the road almost every day!



I put this company last simply because I know the least about it, and I’m more comfortable recommending companies that I know. They are currently expanding and located in the cities that you see in the image. You can rent truck campers and all different sized vans with them though! All of the rentals have crazy colored exteriors which can be really fun but also not super stealth. Another great option though with a great reputation in the community.

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