How Lidia & Javi Make Money While Travelling


We met young, Lidia was 20 years old, and I was 23. After changing our jobs several times, running our own business for four years and moving to live in different countries, we decided to move on once again. In May 2014 we bought our first house, La Furiosa; a 1994 VW T4, which ever since has been our home around the world. The decision to live on the road was not hard; it didn´t cost us any headache, so neither of us had to think too much about it. It was a decision like any other we make in life; it makes us grow inside and improve.

Like many other travellers, we began to pay for our adventure and way of living by savings, and thanks to an austere life; refusing the unnecessary when the unnecessary does not make any sense.

After a year touring Europe with very basic van equipment, we decided to camperize our tiny home according to the needs we had experienced along the road, and come up with a thriving project ( with the intention of providing useful info for other travellers who want to feel the excitement of exploring the world.  This site is also the platform from where we sell our two ebooks “DIY Camper Bed” & “Guide to Living the Van Life”.

On the other hand, those are not the only sources of income we have.

Trying new things as you travel is part of the adventure and it may give you the key for the most profitable business.

We also sell handicrafts, chocolate truffles, postcards of our trip and a bunch of different things that add some money to our pocket and some funny memories to tell. Although, we have decided to focus our efforts on writing and advertising. It takes a lot of work but having the ebooks and all the info on our website in two languages; English / Spanish, companies find very appealing to hire advertising space on our site or either want us to write articles promoting their services.

After overlanding more than 35 countries and living so many adventures, we think it’s about time to leave our footprint, putting on words how we have changed and how we have seen the world through our eyes. So in 2019, we will be publishing two new books, that very likely will awaken the traveller soul in others, pushing them to explore the earth, create their own experience, and find their way of living in an unconventional way.

We never know, every sunrise is a new day full of new opportunities, so here we are in constant movement, looking for them, having the earth as our garden, and driving into the magic of the unknown.

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