The Adventure Series: The Great Australian Caravan Tour


How did the idea for the tour come about?

I guess I can thank Frankie J Holden for planting the seed for this concept in my head. Both Gretta & I were playing at the Man From Snowy River Festival in Corryong early last year, Frankie was also on the bill. We got to chatting about caravans, how I do repairs on them and that he has a caravan park in Tathra, he said that if I’m ever in the area that I’m welcome to play for my accommodation.

I had a bit of a think, then put the idea to Gretta that rather than travel straight up the middle, that we do a coastal caravan park tour on the way to the Tamworth Country Music Festival. It’d be a cheap fun way to get there.

caravan parks

It’s all smiles when the The Great Australian Tour comes to town

We did our first caravan park tour last January. It was a whole lot of fun and more successful than we could have hoped for, so here we are again, doing it again but bigger and better.

Why do you want to play in caravan parks?

Playing in caravan parks has been a great opportunity for Gretta & I to play for a crowd of young families and grey nomads that wouldn’t usually think to come and see us play at a bar in the city. Not only that, but we get to do something we love every night of the week to an attentive crowd, see parts of the country we have never seen before, it’s kind of like a working holiday.


There is always one ready to boogie

Often the banter we have during the shows is a major highlight for me, some of things the kids come out with is just gold! We once had a little boy request ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’, when we said that we didn’t know it, he offered to teach us and proceeded to sing the longest version I’ve ever heard.

Which is your favourite caravan park you play in?

I don’t think I could name just one as a favourite, there’s definitely been some amazing highlights, like watching the sunrise on the beach with the kangaroos at Cape Hillsborough, swimming in the turquoise water of Lake Conjola, having Frankie J join us on percussion at Tathra or scoring a beachfront cabin at Eden to name a few.


The sea and the sounds. Anything better?

I could give you a list a mile long about what I’ve loved about each of the 35 or so parks we have played at so far. Mind you, the scenery can be magnificent but without the crowd, these tours wouldn’t be half as memorable.

Tell us a little bit about your Teardrop.

I’ve had Hazel (my little teardrop camper) for about two years now. I think it’s younger than it looks. As far as I know, it was built about 7 years ago by a guy that used to build them for a company once upon a time, I believe I’m the third owner… I think.

caravan park

Hazel is a sight to behold

It’s a pretty basic setup, there’s a double bed, a couple of cupboards and a shelf in the main area and the back lifts up to reveal a little kitchenette. The two most common questions I get are, “Is it a dog trailer?” and “Do you fit in it?”. I’m just under 6ft2 and I sleep very comfortably in there.

I’ve made a few little upgrades since I picked her up, there’s now a spare wheel on the front, a gas bottle with a bayonet at the rear for a BBQ, portable solar to top up the battery, a USB charge point and 12v fan have been fitted to the main cabin and a TV for those rainy nights.

caravan park

Hazel has everything needed for a long tour.

What is it about the caravan and travelling community that attracts you?

There’s definitely a sense of community amongst strangers in the caravan parks, most folks are always keen for a chat and willing to help us pack down. We are constantly offered a tale or two over a beer or a sausage in bread once we’ve finished packing down for the night.

We get to meet people of all ages from all walks of life and have something in common with them, that desire to travel.

caravan park

Another lovely summer evening

How would you describe you music to some who has never heard it?

You can call both Gretta Ziller & I Americana, Alt Country or Country, we don’t mind, it’s a matter of interpretation. Whichever one you settle on, we’re story tellers, singer songwriters both influenced by country, blues, rock and a variety of other genres.

Thanks for the interview Andrew

We wish you all the best with your upcoming tours and are looking forward to getting out and coming to an event.

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