The Top 3 Campervan Awnings for your Van or Truck


Whether you have a campervan, pickup truck with a roof rack, or a decked-out 4×4, awnings can expand the footprint of your little mobile adventure mobile by double, offering a cool and shady place to relax outdoors.

Not only do campervan awnings protect against the elements and provide a nice shady spot in any stopping location, they’re also mostly easy to install. However, we should start by saying they seem more expensive than they should be. It’s just some fabric and two poles, right? Well, sort of.

The following quality camper awnings are for sale online, are built tough, and will last years under the elements. Some are even retractable awnings, allowing super quick installation and a very streamlined package when stowed away, helping your gas milage and overall outward appearance of your setup. However, if shade isn’t that valuable to you, and your budget is tight, you may want to look at how you can build a diy camper awning

However, if you’re willing to pay the extra money to improve your exterior living space, here’s a roundup of the three best campervan awnings for sale on the market (and which one is best for you and your campervan).

Longer Vehicles (and Casual Campers)

Smittybilt Tent Awning

The Smittybilt Tent Awning is fairly cheap and still sturdy option, perfect for longer vehicles and for anyone who wants to camp occasionally, in fairly temperate climates. The awning features a roll out cover, stakes and ropes, and is made out of polyester cotton and aluminum. A heavy duty UV cover offers respite from the sun, and easy fit makes it great for vehicles with JK 4-doors or larger.

The Best: Reviewers raved about easy and secure installation, and generous shade cover.

The Drawbacks: Users noted that the aluminum stands could be more stable or stronger, and some users added additional support straps. It’s also not great for shorter vehicles.

Harsh Elements (and Shorter Vehicles)

ARB Awning

Sure, the ARB Awning is a bit more of an investment, depending on the size you get, but it’s also the sole retractable awning on our list. Set-up can take as little as thirty seconds, and the covering is waterproof and UV protected, with heavy duty nylon to withstand some of the toughest conditions.

The Best: Users loved the durability, extra simple installation, and overall features of this awning.

Drawbacks: It’s a bad fit for longer vehicles–it’s specifically designed for smaller vans. One of the biggest drawbacks customers mentioned had to with shipping: some parts arrived damaged or missing, so just be sure to keep the details of your purchase if a refund is needed. (This is a very popular awning, so it might be the sheer volume of these sold).

All-Around Use (and Rainy Weather)

Dobinsons Roll Out Awning

Medium sized vehicles, and anyone looking to do a mix of heavier and lighter camping might want to check out Dobinsons Roll Out Awning. It can be attached to either side of the vehicle, comes with supporting ropes, and has an easy set up. Heavy duty waterproof, breathable polyester is perfect for especially rainy weather.

The Best: Customers found this to be one of the best campervan awnings in terms of fit for medium sized vehicles and also enthused over customer support provided.

Drawbacks: Without UV protection, it’s not the best for extended use in the sun. Unlike some other campervan awnings for sale, it also requires an additional purchase of a sturdy roof rack, though these tend to be inexpensive.

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