The Adventure Series: Rose Currie, Free Yourself


Rose is someone that encapsulates what it means to travel in a van and her friendly and giving personality meant Camptoo had to profile her!

We asked her some questions about her campervan trips below and she gives some great tips on enjoying the open road.

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Rose’s set up

What inspired you to buy a campervan and travel?

Getting a campervan has always been on my bucket list, convincing the husband was the challenge. I love exploring new places and getting away but hate the thought of having to waste big money on accommodation. Thats why doing campervan trips is the perfect solution for us.

Three years ago my husband was diagnosed with heart failure due to large doses of chemotherapy when younger. This scared the hell out of me and it was after that that I made the decision to sell both our cars and buy our van.

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Rose and her partner

I told him if something was going to happen to him then we were going to at least create as many memories as we can! I can safely say now that he says it was the best decision.

Is photography something you have always been interested in?

My other love is photography, but only as a “hobby photographer”. I love capturing the places we explore on our trips from the mountains, beaches or rivers.

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Another beautiful spot.

Family and friends are always saying they love seeing my photos and our adventures I capture, and I love looking back on them.

What is one campervan trip you would recommend someone coming to Australia?

Having only had Gordy 3 years we’ve only explored up and down the east of Australia from Byron Bay to Canberra. Most of our campervan trips are only 1–2 hour weekend trips from home but there are always new places to find. Our biggest trip so far was two weeks around Tasmania which was amazing!

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Rose’s campervan Gordy

The Blue Mountains are gorgeous too. I don’t think it matters where you go as long as you go! Get out there and explore.

What do you like best about hitting the open road?

We both work full time but try to get away whenever we can.

That feeling of driving off, hitting the road, cranking up the music, cracking a beer, taking a deep breath and “freeing yourself” is just awesome!

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Free yourself is a motto for Rose

We have saved so much money on accommodation when travelling in a campervan so that in itself it makes it worthwhile.

What are some tips for someone purchasing a van for the first time?

If you are thinking of entering “vanlife” I say go for it! You won’t regret it. Get out there and explore, create memories and “free yourself”.

Our recent addition to our set-up is 2 mopeds. These have proved to be invaluable on a trip. I had to go get my license AFTER my husband bought them. But they are so good to scoot around the beaches and headlands while leaving the van parked. $5 to fill makes it a cheap day of exploring!

Thanks Rose!

We love highlighting people in the campervan community like Rose who are out travelling and seeing the best of Australia.

You can see more of her amazing campervan trips on her Instagram. Click on this link below Rose’s Instagram

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