The Adventure Series: Round and Round Coffee


Since the end of 2017 they’ve been on the road brewing coffee in their cute caravan and bringing their Melbourne coffee to caravan parks all around Australia. We got in touch with Jess and Andy and asked them how everything started. They also spilled the beans on how you can make the best camping coffee while being on the road when they are not around.


Jess and Andy ready to take your order

What are your plans and how long will you be on the road?

So far we have 10 months planned out and that takes us up the east coast of Australia from Melbourne to Cooktown and then over to Darwin. We will be trading mainly at caravan parks, giving guests their morning camping coffee fix without having to go very far. This also avoids the stress of parking vans/trailers in town to get coffee upon checking out. We also have a few small festivals and events booked in along the way.


The beautiful setup. What a combo!

Why did you guys end up planning and making this trip?

We wanted to plan this trip as we just loved travelling in our campervan and wanted to do it full time. I [Jess] have a background in hospitality and was a barista trainer. So I gave that up to make coffees. Andy is a graphic designer and does all our branding. In addition to that, he can freelance while we are on the road.


Wearing their passions on their sleeves.

What were the main factors to consider for choosing a campervan and caravan? (They look really cool)

Our Toyota Hiace campervan “Saffy” was the reason why this whole adventure started. We love her and gave her a complete makeover for this trip. We started from scratch and made it perfectly suit our trip. There is more storage, we raised the bed, equipped her with a better mattress and much more…. We think that her old look matches the vintage style coffee caravan we tow.


Open for business

What special equipment do you bring along to introduce your coffee to all of Australia?

We have a two group Rocket Boxer machine. It was built in Milano, Italy. And we use an Anfim Grinder to grind the beans.

We can almost smell your coffee. Now tell us, how would you make your perfect camping coffee on the road?

When a camping coffee without our espresso equipment we use a stove top percolator and our same Rumble ‘Shadowboxer’ beans. We just grind a batch up before we go so it’s super fresh.

For travellers that see us out and about, we sell our 250g beans and can grind to suit individual set ups. We heat milk on the stove top using a small saucepan. Giving it a stir to add some air to thicken the froth.


The perfect camper set up.

What other tips do you have for travellers regarding coffee on the road?

The key is sourcing great beans! Once you have those, the coffee will always be good no matter what technique you decide to use. Whilst camping it’s important to keep your beans/coffee in a cool dark place in an airtight container.

This will maintain the flavour and freshness. If you’re buying your coffee get yourself a good keepcup/reusable cup. There is an insane amount of waste caused by the coffee industry.

Most cafes and us give you a discount when using a reusable cup! We carry Frank Green reusable cups and we use them ourselves.


We wish you guys all the best and hope the trip will be an amazing experience for both you as well as all the coffee enthusiasts you’ll serve along the way! If you want to stay updated on their travels and see where they are, make sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram. That way you are always up to date and know where to taste their delicious coffee.

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